Classes at the Faculty of Medicine

Dear All!

Coronavirus news 47The dramatic and dynamically changing epidemiological situation require us to make decisions and take actions that reduce the risk of transmission of infection, but at the same time do not demolish the educational process, especially in its practical aspect, which is so important in medical professions.

After discussing the issue with the dean’s board of the Faculty of Medicine and the Director o the Centre for Medical Education in English, and after obtaining the approval of the Vice-Rector for Collegium Medicum, we introduce the following rules for conducting classes until further notice.

  1. All lectures and seminars, as well as all forms of knowledge verification (credits, exams) for students of all years of the Faculty of Medicine will be conducted remotely (synchronously or asynchronously) - REMOTE FORM
  2. On-site clinical classes for years 3, 4 and 5 conducted in hospital units and other health care units remain suspended until further notice. The didactic content which was to be implemented on-site will be implemented, if possible, in a remote synchronous form or in the Centre for Medical Simulation, within the time and scope provided for in the didactic plan - REMOTE FORM OR CENTRE FOR MEDICAL SIMULATION
  3. Practical classes in theoretical units (tutorials, laboratories) may be continued on-site provided that the applicable sanitary regime is observed, however, it is recommended to make the most of the remote form - HYBRID FORM
  4. Classes at the Centre for Medical Simulation are conducted according to the existing rules, provided that the epidemiological regime in force is maintained – ON-SITE
  5. On-site clinical classes for 6th-year students of the Faculty of Medicine will be resumed – ON-SITE
  6. The above rules also apply to students studying at the NCU Centre for Medical Education in English.
  7. Learning outcomes (practical skills) that cannot be achieved otherwise than in a full-time form will be implemented in the later period of the 2020/2021 academic year, or, if this is not possible, in the following semesters.
  8. A detailed list of courses along with the form of classes is prepared, announced and updated by the Dean.

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
Prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Włodarczyk

List of courses along with the form of classes: