New safety restrictions in Poland

Coronavirus news 43
Due to the dynamically growing number of Covid-19 cases in Poland and worldwide, the Polish government has introduced further restrictions starting from 10 October 2020. The main principles of the new program are based on:

  • implementing further guidelines for epidemic prevention and control,
  • increasing bed capacity for Covid-19 patients,
  • improving the efficiency of patient flow,
  • greater involvement of primary healthcare facilities.

Starting from 10 October (Saturday), the entire territory of Poland will be considered as a yellow zone, except for regions currently included in the red zone. Bydgoszcz is currently in the yellow zone. The following restrictions applicable in the yellow zone are implemented:

  • Covering your mouth and nose in public places (street, shops, public transport, etc.) is obligatory (the only exception for persons with certified disability);
  • Restaurants and other eating places are closed between 10 pm and 6 am; at least 4 sq m per person; dance floors within restaurants are closed;
  • Special events (weddings, parties, etc.) limited to 75 guests (in the red zone: only 50 guests);
  • No more than 25% of the audience can participate in cultural events held indoors (cinemas, theatres, etc.), and no more than 100 people – outdoors, with a limit of 5 sq m per 1 person (in the red zone: complete ban on cultural events);
  • Social gatherings can include no more than 150 people covering their mouth and nose and keeping the 1.5-metre distance.

Additionally, the “zero tolerance” rule is introduced. It is absolutely obligatory to follow the most important safety restrictions:

  • maintaining a safe distance from others in public places,
  • covering the mouth and nose in public places,
  • following sanitary regulations (disinfecting hands, avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth).

More information, including updates, detailed regulations, zone maps, etc. can be found on the official website of the Polish government.