Accommodation in student houses

Student House 3 BydgoszczIn accordance with the NCU Rector’s directive no. 109 of May 27, 2020 and directive no. 116 of May 29, 2020, the following rules are implemented:

  1. Current foreign residents can come to pick up their belongings from the Student House, without the possibility of accommodation. Student Houses managers stay in touch (via phone or e-mail) with foreigners who can’t return by June 7 and, with permission, can place their belongings in a deposit. In such situations we don’t charge the person with a place fee. Presence of the Student House administration member and another person – preferably appointed by the resident - is necessary during the packing process. Record with a list of belongings must be prepared.
  2. Administration of each Student House will notify all current students about the need to move out by June 7 or the need to make a payment for June.
  3. When a person returns to a Student House in June, we charge a monthly or daily rate, depending on what is more convenient for the student.
  4. Returning residents of single rooms pay a fee for a single room in accordance with the usual price of a single room in a particular Student House. From September 30, 2020 all people living in single rooms pay a fee in accordance with the usual price of a single room in particular Student House.
  5. Residents coming before June 7 and extending their stay by several days pay a fee in accordance with daily rates assigned to a monthly fee (as for a single room usual for  a particular Student House).
  6. All current residents can continue living in a Student House until September 30, 2020.
  7. Students of last years who are preparing their diploma dissertations can be accommodated without the Dean’s permission.
  8. From June, after accommodating students performing the tasks related to course of studies – if there are vacant rooms – there will be a possibility of accommodating other NCU students, and from July, 2020 to September 25, 2020 it will be possible to accommodate people from outside of the University.