Letter from NCU Rectors of 27 May 2020 to the academic community

Toruń, 27th May 2020

Prof Andrzej Tretyn and Prof Andrzej SokalaDear Colleagues, Students and PhD Students
of the Nicolaus Copernicus University,

The eleventh week of restrictions on the operation of Polish universities related to counteracting the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic is passing by. This is the time of previously unknown to us conditions of work, education and spending free time. The changing epidemic situation in Poland, as well as the introduction and lifting of restrictions and recommendations by the Polish government and sanitary services meant that also at our University the rules, which we all have to observe, have changed several times. Further changes will be introduced from June 1 due to the gradual reduction of restrictions and the upcoming summer examination session. We would like to inform you about the most important of them, while asking you to read the new orders in detail.

All the remote classes conducted at the Nicolaus Copernicus University will be conducted in this way until the end of the semester. Classes which, due to their specificity, could not be conducted remotely and require direct participation of students and employees, will be conducted from June according to the schedules prepared by the deans of faculties. The conditions of conducting these classes will require you to observe special sanitary rules and, in most cases, also work during the holidays.

Credits in the summer semester and exams in the summer examination session, as well as diploma examinations will be held remotely, except in exceptional, justified cases. From June 1 it will be possible for academic teachers to be on duty in the university buildings, if they deem it necessary.

We partially open student halls of residence (dormitories), allocating them primarily to people who will have to attend the classes in person. Sanitary requirements will mean significant restrictions in the functioning of the student halls of residence, especially regarding the number of people who can stay in them.

All foreign business trips will be suspended, restrictions on domestic business trips will also apply. There will be no scientific, cultural and sporting events, including conferences.

Partial opening of the University related to the restoration of some classes, the opening of student dormitories and the work of administration imposes on us all important obligations in reducing the risk of spreading. This will concern, among others, wearing masks inside buildings, limiting the number of people staying in buildings and individual rooms, providing disinfectants, proper organization of workplaces and seats in lecture halls. We assure you that, on behalf of the rector and administrative authorities, we will take all the necessary precautions and we ask you to comply with all applicable rules. Please limit personal contacts to necessary cases and handle current affairs by email and telephone.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is an extremely difficult time for our community. We would like to thank all employees, students and PhD students for being able to adapt quickly and efficiently to new conditions and existing restrictions. Once again, please read the new orders carefully and comply with their provisions. We wish we could return to work as soon as possible in the conditions we are used to, without worrying about our health and our loved ones.

Best regards,
Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Tretyn, NCU Rector
Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Sokala, NCU Rector Elect