Restrictions related to the spread of coronavirus

Coronavirus news 26The Polish government has decided to gradually lift some of the restrictions imposed in relation to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The aim of the four-step process is to allow the population and the economy to return to normal functioning by degrees, while still following reasonable precautionary measures.

For now, the following restrictions remain unchanged:

  • maintaining a 2-metre distance from others in public places,
  • covering the mouth and nose in public places,
  • working and studying remotely, wherever possible,
  • following sanitary regulations in public places (hand disinfection and social distancing),
  • quarantine and isolation of infected or potentially infected persons.

The first step of introducing new, eased restrictions began on 20 April 2020 - more information. 

The second step was introduced on 4 May 2020 - more information.

Starting from 18 May 2020, the third (penultimate) step will be introduced.


  • Restaurants and diners are opening, but with some limits – min 4 sq m per 1 person; tables disinfected after each client; 2 m distance between tables or (1 m + a separating screen); min 1.5 m distance from clients at neighbouring tables; obligation to wear face covering and gloves by cooks and service staff; NOTE: guests sitting at tables can take off face masks;
  • Hairdresser’s and beauty parlours open up – obligation for clients and staff to wear face mask, goggles or face shields (depending on the type of service); only paper towels can be used; services by appointment only (no waiting in the lobby);
  • More passengers allowed to use public transport (decision is up to transportation authorities) – in Bydgoszcz the limit is increased: the number of passengers cannot exceed 30% of all places (seated + standing), provided that half of the seats remains empty (e.g. a bus can take 40 seated and 60 standing passengers, so a total of 30 passengers can enter and max. 20 can take seats);
  • More people allowed at religious ceremonies (masses etc.) – max 10 sq m per 1 person in a church or other type of religious sanctuary;
  • More people allowed to use outdoor sports facilities – max 14 people (+2 coaches) on stadiums, playfields (pitches, courts), tracks, jumping pits, skate parks; max 22 people (+4 coaches) on full-sized outdoor football fields;
  • Indoor sports halls are gradually opening, but with some limitations – the number of people allowed depends on the size of the facility; changing rooms and showers/saunas/etc. cannot be used; NOTE: gyms and fitness clubs are still closed!
  • Some cultural and artistic activities will be allowed – e.g. outdoor cinemas, rehearsals for performing artists, individual classes at musical schools etc.
  • Border controls extended until 12 June – applies to internal borders with Germany, Latvia, Czech Republic and Slovakia; only selected border crossings are open.

More information can be found on the official website of the Polish government.