Letter from the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs

Dear Students,

Prof. Andrzej SokalaI am aware that the current situation makes your functioning difficult and the recommendations and decisions of the University’s Authorities do not generate enthusiasm. However, for the sake of the safety of the entire academic community, we must follow the decisions and guidelines introduced by the Polish government, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.

I would like to emphasise the fact that even though most of you do not belong to a high risk group, it is your relatives or friends who might be at risk. It is confirmed that travelling and maintaining close contact with other people significantly increase this risk, which is why I am asking you to comply with the ban on returning to student houses.

I assure you that if the University Authorities decide to evict residents from student houses, they will do so only in the case of absolute necessity and under obligation imposed by relevant governmental institutions.

I would also like to inform you that fees for accommodation in student houses shall be reduced in proportion to the duration of your absence resulting from the epidemic threat. All financial settlements shall be made upon your return to the student houses.

I kindly request that you act reasonably and in concern for the highest good, that is people’s health and life. It will definitely help reduce the spread of the epidemic and allow us all to stay healthy. Please stay safe at home.

Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Sokala
Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Staff Management
Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń