Restrictions related to the spread of coronavirus

Coronavirus new safety rulesIn relation to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the growing number of COVID-19 cases worldwide, the Polish government introduced new safety rules applicable to all residents of the Republic of Poland as well as people arriving from aborad. The rules are enumerated on the offical website of the Polish government. Translation into English can be found below:

Safety rules
We are introducing new safety rules, including restrictions on movement. The obligation to stay at home will not, however, apply to commuting or dealing with necessary daily needs such as buying food, medicine or caring for loved ones. It is important to us that Poles do not expose themselves and others to coronavirus infection.
In recent days, we have introduced security rules in connection to the coronavirus pandemic. Poland has decided to limit mass events and shopping malls activities, suspend classes at schools and close borders. The development of the epidemic in Poland and in Europe causes further decisions on security rules.

We introduce restrictions on movement
Until April 11 inclusive, you will not be able to move freely apart from your living, health and professional purposes. Therefore, the restrictions do not apply to:

  • traveling to work. If you are an employee, run your own business or farm, you have the right to get to your workplace. You also have the right to buy goods and services related to your professional activity.
  • volunteering. If you work to fight coronavirus and help those in need who are in quarantine or who should not leave their home, you can move around as part of this activity.
  • dealing with matters necessary for everyday life. You will be able to move around to do the necessary shopping, buy medicines, see a doctor, look after relatives and walk the dog.

Important! You can only move in a group of up to two people. This restriction does not apply to families.
As many people as half of the seats on the bus
Public transport continues to operate. However, only half of the seats can be occupied on a bus, tram or subway. If there are 70 seats in the vehicle, it can have a maximum of 35 people on its board.
We want Poles to have access to communication. However, we must ensure that the buses are not overcrowded.

Safety rules during religious ceremonies
Restrictions on movement also do not apply to people who want to participate in religious events. Here, however, we have introduced another important principle. More than 5 people at the same time will not be able to participate in the mass or other religious ceremonies - excluding those who exercise the ministry.
However, we encourage you to participate in religious events via television, radio or the Internet.

Restrictions on the number of people do not apply to workplaces. However, particularly strict recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector in the field of maintaining the distance of employees, disinfectants should be applied.
Other restrictions still apply
Despite the changes introduced, all previous bans remain in force, i.e. restrictions on the operation of shopping malls, catering and entertainment activities.

A mandatory 14-day quarantine for those returning from abroad is also still in force.